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Body parts are one of the first things taught to toddlers who are speaking for the first time. And then get stuck mid-conversation when the topic turns to bodies. Besides knowing the parts of the body in Spanish, there are Spanish expressions that go along with them.

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Besides la cabeza and la cara , here are the other body parts on your head and face that you should know:. One of my favourite ways to memorise words in other languages is through mnemonics. Let me show you can example.

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Try to get creative and visual with your associations, and even try building a memory palace. Your whole body in Spanish is call el cuerpo.

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Here are other words for el torso , plus other words for todo el cuerpo in Spanish:. Others are like words related to the English meaning. Others you can get creative with. And blood, sangre looks like sangria, the deep red Spanish wine.

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But what if you broke your arm? So what memory hacks can we use for these? The word for fingers — dedo — reminds me of when my hand falls dead asleep and my fingers tingle. To do something manually means to do it by hand. So you get mano! Leg in Spanish is la pierna. The tool it comes with is very helpful in removing fasteners. See All Buying Options. Only 15 left in stock - order soon.

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